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As of October 2017, I’ve delisted from review boards.  I’ve begun accepting testimonials for my website in order to offer an alternative for those who wish to still leave reviews. Below you can see excerpts from past reviews and recent comments. If you have seen me and would like to submit a few words about our time together, please let me know! 

“Scarlett’s voice is deep and warm, soft and tender and laughing by turns. She projects care and real feeling, intelligence and an underlying current of intimacy, both on the phone and in her texts. Late-night calls with her, sweet and funny texts, and lovely snapshots have been keeping me sane in this insane world of stress and distancing. We need closeness and connection now more than ever, and that is what she offers. Until we can meet in person again, this is a delightful alternative.”
D., Virtual Services, 2020

“I discovered Miss St. Clair from her Twitter feed and enjoyed seeing her perspective on life. When the pandemic hit, I signed up for her virtual package and haven’t regretted a single interaction. She is brilliant; and a brilliant communicator; as gorgeous inside as outside. Our conversations have ranged from silly and trite to warm, deep and engaging. It’s been a silver lining in this dark cloud we find ourselves in.” 
-E., Virtual Services, 2020

“Talking to Scarlett on the phone was an absolute dream. So much so I’ve already done it twice. Imagine the conversation with a stunning, attentive beauty who’s voice is a potion so perfect, no witch, wizard, or mixologist could create it. If that kind of sweet salve could help you get through the day and night, I can recommend no better than Scarlett. She’s thoughtful, inquisitive, an incredible conversationalist, and if  a beautiful woman pouring some poetry into your ear moves your soul, you should make the time to connect with her, immediately.”
R., Virtual Services, 2020

“When you meet Scarlett, her voice gets in your head. I don’t mean the tone of her speech, as lovely as that is. I mean her voice, as a person. She’s unique, truly special: brilliant, funny, caring and kind. Interested in learning about all that life has to offer, including you. Easy to get lost in conversation with. Easy to share yourself with. And I’ve always left her wanting more of that sharing, more of that connection. Between visits, I missed hearing that voice. So when she started offering virtual services, I signed up for a texting package. It felt unnatural at first, being able to contact her just because I wanted to say hi or check in. But we quickly found our rhythm, and over the ensuing weeks talking with her has become an emotional balm for my soul, and one of the few sources of pure joy available to me during this turbulent time. We’ve made each other laugh, reminisced about our past, shared personal history, comforted and supported one another, and in the process added layers of richness and complexity to our relationship. It has not just been a distraction from the chaos. It’s been as real as anytime we’ve seen each other in person. It’s us, writing the next chapter in our story together, in the only way we can at the moment. For those of you that have not yet had the privilege of meeting Scarlett, don’t let that stop you. Now is your opportunity to have access to the voice of one of the dearest, sweetest women I’ve ever met. Scarlett has always known exactly how to make me smile. And now, we’ve discovered an entirely new way, for her to do that.”
-M., Virtual Services, 2020

“When I first came across Scarlett on Twitter, I knew she was special.  I followed her from afar, reading her wonderful dream dates, intrigued by her witty banter, and drawn to her beauty.  Out of fate, our paths finally crossed.  When Scarlett walked into the room, I was in the presence of a goddess.  Her ruby red lips, beautiful eyes, and grace rendered me speechless.  Scarlett has an amazing way to make you feel at ease and the conversation was as if we had somehow known each other in a past life.  The evening was perfect and I did not want it to end.  I could have gazed into her eyes and touched her soft skin all night.  Everything about Scarlett is perfect and my time with her was something one reads in fairy tales.”
-W., New York, 2020

“What’s maddening about Scarlett St. Clair is she is better than too good be true. She is beyond your comprehension and yet all too real. Her beauty immeasureable, her body both soft and eminating power, her lips dispensing kisses that inebriate and whispers that could melt stone. She is form and substance, disarming smile and cutting wit, your haven of calmness, your brazen accomplis and your fait accompli. Honor pleas for mercy she may or may not, but she will serve up what you need piping hot.

She is not only incredible in her own right, but makes things you already adore impossibly better. The kiss of an adored flame, the taste of a favorite whiskey, the views of your perfect city, things that didn’t need help and had no room for improvement, magically enhanced.

Magically. That choice of word no accident. Do yourself a favor and wait no longer. For I wager the wait makes her spell even stronger.”
-R., New York, 2020

“I’d met Scarlett in London for evening dates on a number of times and each time she had left me wanting for more so for this date we’d arranged to spend 24 hours together enjoying each others company and the sights and sounds of London in the time leading up to Christmas.  It is always a wonderful experience meeting Scarlett but having the extra time meant that we could relax even more and be able to take the time to get to know each other properly.

We wined, we dined, we laughed, we walked, we talked and talked and talked.  Even though we’d planned the time quite carefully so that we could take in some of the best restaurants in London and several of Scarlett’s #DreamDates along the way, we were having such a good time at the end that it just seemed like the best thing in the World was to extend our date by a few hours (in a whisky bar as it happens, which is another one of Scarlett’s passions) – and even then it still wasn’t enough, I could happily have spent another day with her and then another day and another day …..

Scarlett is and astonishingly beautiful and intelligent woman and she has an amazing ability to connect with you.  She puts her heart and soul into these dates and just simply being with her is a precious gift but time just seems to fly when you are in her company.  I treasure the memories that we made that day and I will be forever under her spell.”
-A., London, 2019

“Scarlett cast her spell on me by posting a picture on Twitter of her sitting on the cliffs by the sea in Ireland. The accompanying words rang true to me ‘My heart is full. My blood remembers. Cuimhnich air na daoine às an tàinig u.’ When I responded to her tweet, I was pleasantly surprised to get a response back from Scarlett that was personal and established a connection. Over the next year or so, geography was a significant barrier to meeting in person. While I travel frequently, NYC was not part of my travel plans. Throughout this time though, I continued to be enchanted by Scarlett’s twitter persona. The wit and intelligence … the connection with old things and new … the love of books and poetry … and a strong woman who pursues her dreams. To my delight, Scarlett announced that she will be touring in Toronto. I signed up immediately.

Now after over a year of following and interacting with this charming lady on twitter, it is fair to say that the expectations were very high. Prior to arriving at the location, Scarlett lets me know where she will be meeting me. We exchange descriptions of what we will be wearing. As I walk out of the Starbucks, I literally bump into her walking down the street. I know immediately it is Scarlett. There is an energy that emanates from her. The smile freezes you and then the eyes. Mesmerizing. I am not one to be speechless, but at this moment I am tongue tied.

When we arrive in the room, Scarlett removes her disguise to reveal the sexiest wrap around dress. As we sit and talk, the conversation is free flowing and ranges across a multitude of mutual interests. Scarlett is so engaging. It was like catching up with an old friend and both of you knew it would result in some long-awaited intimacy. I was totally lost in the moment. When I finally came back to reality, we are sitting together again, enjoying some wine and charcuterie, discussing areas of mutual interest. I am so lost in time that when my phone goes off to indicate that my parking is expiring, I am a bit shell shocked. Where had the 2 hours gone? My biggest regret: not booking a second encounter while Scarlett is in our city. Scarlett is a very special lady and I hope Toronto becomes a regular spot on her tour schedule. Beware though, you will be permanently haunted by this Sorceress. You have been warned.”
-J., Toronto, 2019

“I first encountered Scarlett on Twitter where we exchanged tweets. I was impressed by her online persona; Intelligent, well read, thoughtful and those lips, raven hair and porcelain skin…

I was excited when she reached out to me indicating that she was coming to my city for a first time visit. 
Meeting Scarlett in person for the first time, wow. She is absolutely Beautiful, tall, confident with a wonderful smile. My time with her was effortless and so enjoyable. She is a very well educated and worldly woman who has travelled and our conversation was so enjoyable. She is mature beyond her years. Overall my time with her was amazing and I only wish that I had more time to book a longer date and show her around the City. So happy to have had the privilege to meet this extraordinary woman.

Life is short and you should spend your time on ‘life affirming’ experiences. Spending time with Scarlett is definitely ‘life affirming’…”
-D., Toronto, 2019

“Greeted by Irish eyes
That pulled at me like a full moon
Swells the tide.
Eyes worldy and hungry,
Wide and bright
And eager to see.

Scarlett’s wanderlust creates ‘Dream Dates’, on twitter, which are always fascinating, and I had noticed one involved Vermont and maple syrup. I hadn’t yet met Scarlett, and arranged a Train-Me-To-You date to bring her up for a tour of a friend’s sugaring operation. There was a constant, lovely smile as we wandered the back mountain roads to the farm. The foliage was beautiful, the dogs large and cuddly, and Scarlett enthusiastically drank the information in. The bounty of syrup didn’t hurt either!

Scarlett’s companionship was delightful and delicious. Whether in public, in private conversation, or in private with no conversation, she is an absolute treat to be with. Scarlett is a tall, strong, passionate woman whose words and arms wrap you up like a cocoon you never want to leave. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been allowed to share time with her. Thank you, Scarlett xoxoxo.”
-R., Killington, VT, 2019

“I first encountered Scarlett on Twitter.  I was drawn to both her wit and her beauty.  I found that combination irresistible from a distance and when the stars aligned and we could be in the same city at the same time, seeing her was a dream come true.

What an experience!  Scarlett was simply the perfect date.  She was charming and smart, beautiful and eloquent, funny and elegant.   Every imagining of our time together was surpassed by the actual evening.  She understands completely the arts of conversation, connection and seduction and was able to easily move between them when each had its place. 

I was particularly moved by how easily and completely she listened and the little things she did during the date to build connection along the way.  

Our time left me with treasured memories – from the moment of her arrival until we parted for a time. “
-J., Seattle, 2019

“I had the privilege to meet Scarlett earlier this year and she blew me away with her timeless beauty. You get a feel for a person with how they carry themselves on social media and I had been wanting to meet her for quite some time prior. In the brief period of time we had, I was determined to see her again and scheduled a FMTY and overnight which was a first for me.

The anticipation and planning were so much fun leading up to our date. Her dream date designs are literally that, and a great tool for guys who want to go the extra mile. Spending an extended amount of time is an excellent way to fall for Scarlett. I love an intelligent, well educated woman, and she does a lot of the small things that make you appreciate her even more.
We cooked a delicious dinner together and got to know each other further. She is a very good sous chef and is eager to learn. The next day, she posted the menu I created, on Twitter, and I was overwhelmed with the compliments/likes from her legion of followers. #dreamdatewin

All in all, I feel so fortunate to have brought her to Seattle and share new experiences with her. She is a gem.”
-B., Seattle 2019

“I do not typically write reviews, but meeting Scarlett was a very different experience from what might be regarded as the ‘companion’ experience. To begin, what drew her to me, considering that I am in a city that she rarely visits, were 3 things that need being quantified. The first and most powerful was the blush of her roselike lips, they haunted me on twitter, as I could feel the visceral power imparted, the siren singing to Odysseus from Aegean shores, the sense of the ancient visible in the curl of her lips. A second and no less powerful pull came from a photo on her website, a red dress draped off her back as she appeared to gaze through millennium searching for intimate secrets that spoke of every imaginable union, layered with the sense that art lived in that transfixed gaze, through which her humanity, her presence, her beauty, her intimate sensuality is meant to be, all of which was present when we finally embraced. And it was all that I had imagined, delicious, intimate, empathetic, Eros unleashed. The wait fully realized in a very human and sublime connection. The third tug at my soul, was her connection to history, myth, art, poetry, imagining how we need to live in a aesthetic shaping our persona, which she embodies. I humbly bow to the power of her beauty and intelligence! And lastly and no less importantly, she made me feel very special, touched, magical, elf like, ancient, in ways that simply are unimaginable. It was simply so lovely being present with her.”
-K., Philadelphia 2019

“Imagine the anticipation of meeting Miss Scarlett St. Clair?  The door opens and wow, all expectations exceeded.  Scarlett’s beauty is perfectly matched by her personality and intellect.  Spending time talking and getting to know each other flowed easily.  Time melted away staring into her beautiful hazel eyes, her perfect smile and wonderful lips left me in ecstasy.  Scarlett seemed to read my mind, she fulfilled my every desire.  She knows how to create the feeling of a deep connection that makes the experience so very special.  That deep connection and feeling of utter contentment is with me to this day, I still don’t remember the drive home.  I will certainly be asking Scarlett to see me again.”
-J., Philadelphia 2019

“I recently had the exquisite pleasure of investing in a weekend escapade with the enchanting Miss St. Clair. I was compelled to book a flight to New York from the hinterlands for the sole purpose of satisfying my curiosity about Scarlett. ‘Twas money well spent, I assure you. I knew from having followed her on Twitter that she would be smart and sexy. We all know she has a way with words – a unique turn of phrase here and witty repartee there. Indeed, she is like a book you can’t put down. You are consumed by her presence from the moment the door opens and those famous lips greet you like an old friend. But what I didn’t know is how truly passionate she is about what she does. Once your connection progresses beyond the merely verbal, you will be elevated to a place where true magic transpires. Indeed, you will be mesmerized into a trance state, so captivating is she. The spell concludes with moments of blissful reverie that you will never want to end. Trust me when I tell you that you should book nothing less than an entire evening. Magic cannot be rushed. You’ll be wishing you had booked all day. Don’t say you weren’t warned. You know she’s special. Now find out why.”
-M., New York 2019

“What is the purpose of a testimonial? To impart that you had a good experience, reassure that the person was as they describe themselves, and give a short narrative of your encounter so one knows what to expect? Perhaps. But what if I told you, for my testimonial, that Scarlett brought new color into my life, that she made me a more confident person, and that she provided me some of the richest and most luxuriant experiences of my adult life that I expect will linger in my mind as some of my fondest memories. That she made me feel safe and cared for, and when I left her I felt restored and even invincible. That we’ve had genuine fun together, shared laughs, worries, poems. That my brain and body are on fire when we’re together, and when we are not, that I think of her often. You might think I’m exaggerating, but you would be wrong. Yes, Scarlett is a brilliant, beautiful woman. But she is also one of the most precious and special people I’ve ever met, and I consider it the greatest privilege to have her in my life. I write this for her. What you do with this testimony, friend, is entirely up to you.”
-M., New York, 2019

“We breathe, we eat, we drink – and we live… But on fleeting occasions, we move beyond the essential characteristics of life and get to experience what it means to be truly alive, moving beyond the acts of simply existing. For me, in most cases there is some external catalyst for change – an activity, an event, or sometimes, a person. In this case it was all three – a ‘fly me to you’, an opera in London, and the the lovely Ms. St. Clair. This represented not only my first FMTY, but also our first meeting, although having known Scarlett for some time through social media, we already had an established dialogue. Plans were made, tickets were procured and before I knew it, I was standing face to face with one of the most beautiful and intelligent women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. As is often the case when in a state of euphoria, the rest of evening was a blur, but it was everything I had hoped for from start to finish, except perhaps for the cruelly swift passing of time in her presence. Our night came to an end all too soon and as we said our goodbyes I found myself contemplating whether one could really be alive without someone like Scarlett their life. For me, the answer is certainly no – and so now I patiently wait for our paths to cross and for me to be alive once more. If you do arrange to meet, remember how lucky you are that your paths have crossed.”
– E., London, 2018

“How can one begin to describe the ineffable allure of Miss Scarlett St Clair? Meeting Scarlett is like nothing else you have experienced and so overwhelming are her countless charms that you will feel a rush of intoxicating ecstasy from the moment you meet. Although she is a truly breath-taking woman, her comforting and reassuring manner will make you feel immediately relaxed. As a well-educated and erudite woman with an enquiring mind, conversation flows easily and time passes all too quickly. Her succulent lips and soothing voice are entirely mesmerizing and can leave you deep in thought or in peals of laughter.

Words could never do her justice but I feel the need to try.  Not only does she have a striking physical presence and an enchanting personality but she also has a rare ability to make your soul sing if you give yourself completely to the experience.  Her face is one of natural and timeless beauty reminiscent of a 50’s screen icon (a young Liz Taylor springs to mind). Her vibrant midnight black hair and hazel eyes add a touch of magic to her unparalleled beauty. She has a luscious physique and soft porcelain skin that is silken to the touch, with every exhilarating curve feeding your desire for the fulfillment that is sure to follow

Time spent with Scarlett is an exquisite and enriching experience; trust her and she has the skills to bring you to states of ecstasy. In a single moment you will be left in a state of pure rapture, especially if that moment is spent with the heavenly individual that is Scarlett St. Clair.”
-D., London, 2018

“I first saw Scarlett on Twitter and seeing how she engaged with other people I arranged to meet her in London.  We met at my hotel and from the first moment I was enthralled – she is agonizingly beautiful in real life and has a very easygoing and captivating personality.  Scarlett fulfilled all my expectations but more than that, the intimacy we shared, having Scarlett curled up in my arms and looking deep into each others eyes, is going to stay with me for a long long time.  This was just a wonderful wonderful date.”
-A., London, 2018

“Time passes, people move…. Like a rivers flow, it never ends… A childish mind will turn to noble ambition… Young love will become deep affection… The clear water’s surface reflects growth… Now look deep inside and reflect upon yourself…
This is what’s in store with this divine Goddess that is Scarlett. I’ve seen her a couple of times now and each time was better and more intimate than the last. I always came over anxious and a bit frightened, but the moment the door swung open and I saw her, I felt calm and peaceful. Treat her like the lady she is, and you’ll feel like the king she knows you to be.
It would be one of the bigger mistakes of your life not meeting with her, believe you me. “

-H., Iceland, 2018

“One of a kind, in the most delightful ways. She is smart and passionate, sophisticated and funny, sweet and sarcastic. The lovely young poet / artist / scholar you’ve always dreamed of losing your heart to in a little Left Bank café. She can fulfill your dearest fantasies, laugh with you at the silliest things, and discuss classical drama in warm sated pillow talk. If you have a chance to spend time with her, don’t pass it up.”
-D., NYC, 2018

“I’ve seen Scarlett several times over the past six months and I met her when she was very new to the industry. My experiences with her have only improved overtime and her move to London has made me anticipate and cherish the time I can spend with her enormously. I was fortunate to be able to see Scarlett over the Christmas break while she was in town for the holidays. Scarlett has so many features I like, from her raven hair to her fair skin and soft curves. While she looks young, her mannerisms and demeanor are very mature.”
– December 2016

“I had the pleasure of seeing Scarlett a few weeks ago. I had an amazing time! She is lovely and I would certainly repeat.”
– October 2016

“I contacted Scarlett after seeing her online and thought, I have to see her! I was coming down to NYC from upstate for work and wanted some company. Scarlett did not disappoint! She was very professional and sweet on the phone and we were able to set up a time to meet. I opened to door to see her, and my jaw dropped. What a classic beauty! She wore a sexy, tight, red dress that showed off her curves and red lips that contrasted her fair skin and black hair. Scarlett, indeed! We sat down to chat and she was incredibly articulate, kind, and easy to talk to. I felt at ease immediately.”
– August 2016

“I’d been hearing so much buzz about Scarlett I just had to see for myself who this young lady was…I came to her place, knocked, and she she opened the door I was genuinely surprised. I did not expect her to be so beautiful!”
-August 2016

“Scarlett is fantastic. Another one of these amazing independent providers who, as much as it is a business, really seems to enjoy herself…She looks like an interesting combination of Eva Green and a bit of Sela Ward, and her face reminds me of a young Nicole Kidman. She’s gorgeous with a wonderful body and especially this surprisingly lovely booty. I had a great time and would highly recommend.”
– August 2016

“I contacted Scarlett about a week in advance and made an afternoon date…The door opened and I stood face to face with an astounding beauty This young woman is something out of a dream. Her eyes looked directly into mine and I was done. I will absolutely repeat. Psychologists say you should seek experiences rather than possessions. This was the best of experiences.”
-August 2016


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