A guide to ensure we're on the same page.

Some Requests:

1. All funds are exchanged for time and companionship only. Anything further occurs between consenting adults and is not contracted for in any way.

2. As a highly rated provider, I no longer participate in review culture and I ask that you do not submit reviews of our time together on any platform. If I am reviewed without permission, you will be blacklisted and not welcome back. If you’d like to write some feedback about our time together to add to my testimonial page, I welcome it!

3. On a similar note, I ask that you do not discuss our meetings in any public forum, including social media. I err on the side of privacy and discretion. Likewise, I would never announce publicly that you’re coming to see me or that I’ve seen you, and I ask the same in return.

4. To ensure that we enjoy each other, please maintain good hygiene at all times by showering when you arrive at my place or just before I meet you at yours, and wash yourself thoroughly with a washcloth or loofah.

5. Please place your donation in an envelope and place it on a table in the open as soon as you come inside. Please excuse yourself to wash your hands so I can properly count it and we can get that out of the way.

6. Your phone may not be out and visible during our time together. You will be offered a place to put away your phone and other personal items. You may take your phone into the bathroom when you use it, if you like, but it may not be sitting out in the open where I am present.

7. When requesting an appointment, be prepared with your full name, a day, time, and your required screening information, which you can see on the booking page.

8. If you have specific requests for attire, let me know as far ahead of time as possible. Please do not make requests for anything explicit.

9. When paying in advance online, NEVER write anything in the memo section of the transaction (no, not even something you think is cute or funny) as this can result in our accounts being shut down and funds seized.

10. If you must cancel, you must do so 24hrs before your appointment time to avoid a 50% cancelation fee. If you cancel within 6 hrs of the appointment time the full fee with be required but part of it may be applied to a future date within 30 days. 48hrs notice is required while I’m touring. Tour deposits are not refundable. If I cancel, your deposit will be returned to you.

11. Come with an open heart and mind.


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