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Wishlist Gifts

Gifts are ever ever expected, but they certainly are nice! Who doesn’t love an unexpected, lovely surprise? It’s a great way to be remembered, too.
 Hit the Giftful link above to explore my wishlist!

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Little Things

Gifts are never expected, but always met with gratitude!
My wishlist is full of inspiration, should you be so inclined. Click the Giftful link to the left to explore!

Screened clients will receive my address where I collect mail, if they so wish to send me something directly.

My favorite gifts are things I can use!

For smaller items, here are things I use and enjoy below.

Whole Foods
Harlow & Fox lingerie
Sak’s 5th Ave
La Casa Spa
Movement Research NYC

Flowers: Fresh Peonies, Orchids, or blush-colored Roses

Accents: Jo Malone candles

Shoes: Louboutin, Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, YSL

Jewelry: David Yurman, Tiffany’s, Swarovski, or Cartier

Handbags: YSL and Chanel

Refreshment: Laduree Macarons, Bourbon, Dry Red Wines

Please do not purchase any books for me. I adore them but I have limited shelf space. Consider purchasing a gift card to Audible or a bookstore instead!

I also love Celtic jewelry but I have plenty of it, thank you!

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