Whether it's light reading or more advanced material- you're sure to be engaged!

Light Reading

Introduction (1 Hour): A lesson in brevity. 700 USD | 400 GBP | 350 EUR | 45,000 ISK

Short Story (1.5 Hours):  Whet your senses for more. 1000 USD | 600 GBP | 600 EUR | 65,000 ISK

A Creative Essay (2 Hours): Learn a bit more about both of us. 1400 USD | 800 GBP | 800 EUR | 85,000 ISK

Novella (4 Hours): Get caught up in the storyline. 2500 USD 1300 GBP| 1350 EUR | 130,000 ISK

Just One More Chapter (6 Hours): Can’t put it down yet. 3500 USD | 1700 GBP | 1500 EUR


Advanced Material

Choose Your Adventure (up to 12 hrs or a 15 hr overnight): Escape into your fantasies 5000 USD | 2500 GBP | 2200 EUR | Please inquire
(Overnights include 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep.)

Paperback Romance (up to 24hrs): A intermission from the routine 7000 USD |
3500 GBP

Timeless Classic (48hrs): Discover new worlds and whisk me away 6500 GBP | 10,000 USD

Fly Me To You:  Am I not in your city? You can bring me there and I’ll be all yours! Please read my Travel page for more info and inquire for rates.

Couples (1 Hour): Twice the fun 900 USD | 600 GBP

Certain Services will have different rates, please come prepared accordingly.

Dates of 3 hours or longer must include a meal and social time.

Deposits of 25-50% are required to reserve your appointment time while I am touring. On a Travel Date, 50% is required to reserve the date and the remaining 50% must be deposited before I am scheduled to depart to see you.
 Long dates and overnights may require a 50% deposit.
In the unlikely event that I must cancel our date, your deposit will be fully refunded minus the transaction fees.
50% deposits for tours and travel dates are nonrefundable should you need to cancel.

Cancelation policy: all dates cancelled within 24 hours to our actual date are subject to a 50% cancelation fee to be paid via online transfer.
50% Deposits for tours or travel dates are nonrefundable, should you need to cancel.
 While on Tour, 48 hrs notice of cancelation is required.
On a Travel Date 72 hrs notice is required.
 Future dates will also need a 50% deposit holding fee prior to the actual date if you’ve canceled in the past.
 I understand life happens and things come up, but my time is as valuable as yours.

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