I'm Scarlett, and I want you to reconnect with yourself.

According to those I hold dear, I’m an old soul. I don’t think they’re wrong.  I’m often told I’m “from another time;” a Celtic mystic who deeply understands her power to heal. Again, pretty right-on. I’ve also been likened to Helen of Troy- not that anyone’s actually met her- but I am enigmatic, strong, and fierce; which makes the comparison pretty accurate. My fierceness is tempered with kindness and warmth though, and you’ll never have to send a secret army to win my affections.

Before I go any further, I know that a lot of this adventure is going to be based on physical connection. If you’re into meeting a tall woman who stands 5’8″, possesses porcelain skin dusted in freckles along with hair the color of raven feathers, you’re on the right path. “Diminutive” doesn’t describe me well, but “curvy” certainly does. I’ve got an hourglass frame that undulates softly. My eyes are hazel, and they’re big and bright. My lips are pouty, full, and soft. My photos are accurate, I promise. Except for that blur, of course.

Continuing on. Creative outlets are critically important to me, as is learning. If I had all the time and funds in the world, I’d perpetually be at University. The first time around, I simultaneously earned two Bachelor’s degrees, both in The Arts. I personally require a lot of mental stimulation, and learning for the sake of learning is how I get my fix. You’ll never find me without a book or three, whether on my nightstand or in my overnight bag. To satiate my eternal thirst for knowledge, I often take enrichment classes. I’m currently taking a drawing and painting class. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of chalk dusting my face  or the look of red umber staining my hands.

So, how does all of this lead me to companionship? It begins with my belief that companionship can and should be a healing experience. Oftentimes it truly is- and not just for you, but for me too. Companionship helps people reconnect. To one another, to themselves, and if you’re into this kinda thing, to the universal unconscious and Spirit.

I’m a sensitive soul when it comes right down to it, and I’m quick to open my arms to you to offer you a place where you’ll feel safe and cherished. I love people and crave connection with masculine energy. That energy helps balance me, particularly when that energy is from a strong, sensitive, and caring man. It’s even better if you happen to believe that spending time with me can help lend some balance to your life and spirit, too.

My M.O. for life is that it is far too brief. There’s never enough time to explore all the world has to offer, and I can often be found galavanting around the globe trying to get it all in. Despite all the seriousness above, I’m incredibly light-hearted, quick to laugh, and even quicker to crack a joke at my own expense. Taking things too seriously is often destructive and nothing should ever be so sacred.

Red-bottomed shoes are overrated; so is South Beach, and so is ego.

I’m all about getting past that ego, skipping the small talk, and getting right into the juicier parts of us both. What are we afraid of? What excites us? What makes our hearts race and our brows perspire? Let’s do it. All of it. Find out for yourself what it’s like to experience a fierce old soul swathed in the body of a young, modern-day Celtic mystic.

With love always,


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